Cycling Aberdeen

by | 7 May,2023 | Day Runs

A Comprehensive Guide to the City and Surrounding Aberdeenshire

Aberdeen, known as the Granite City, offers many cycling opportunities to cater to various interests and skill levels. From leisurely rides along dedicated cycle paths to challenging ascents in the surrounding Aberdeenshire countryside, Aberdeen has something for every cyclist. This blog post will explore the many facets of cycling in Aberdeen, delving into routes, events, and amenities while highlighting the city’s commitment to sustainable transport and an active travel network.

Aberdeen Cycling: The City’s Commitment to Active Travel and Sustainable Transport

Aberdeen City Council recognises the importance of cycling as a sustainable transport, promoting green commuting and reducing the city’s carbon footprint. With a dedicated Transport Strategy team, the city has focused on improving walking and cycling infrastructure, including segregated cycle lanes, protected bike lanes, and dedicated cycle paths, making cycling in Aberdeen city and the surrounding Aberdeenshire safer and more accessible.

Aberdeen’s Expanding Active Travel Network

Aberdeen’s cycling culture has grown in recent years, with the city and local organisations, such as the Aberdeen Cycle Forum, working together to create a comprehensive active travel network. This network includes an array of cycle facilities, biking infrastructure, and well-maintained bicycle paths, encouraging residents and visitors to embrace cycling as a viable means of transportation.

Discovering Aberdeen’s Cycling Routes

Whether you are a casual cyclist, a leisure rider, or a seasoned road racer, Aberdeen offers various cycling routes to suit all preferences and abilities. Aberdeen’s cycling scene caters to everyone, from quiet routes and peaceful paths to challenging climbs and exhilarating descents.

Aberdeen City Cycling: Bike Lanes and Bicycle Paths

Union Street, a central artery in Aberdeen, boasts well-maintained bike lanes, making it an excellent starting point for cyclists. From here, you can explore the city’s numerous quiet, recreational, leisure, and enjoyable routes. The Aberdeen Cycling cycle map, available online, provides detailed information on various routes, allowing you to plan your cycling adventure.

Aberdeenshire Cycling: Challenging Routes and Tranquil Trails

Beyond Aberdeen city, Aberdeenshire offers a range of challenging cycling routes, including the Aberdeenshire Ascents, which test even the most experienced cyclists. For those seeking a more leisurely ride, the region also boasts many tranquil trails, peaceful paths, and calm routes, perfect for leisurely weekend rides.

Gravel Off-Road Cycling and Biking Trails

Aberdeenshire is also home to numerous gravel off-road cycling options, providing a unique opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to explore the region’s rugged terrain. These biking trails offer a thrilling alternative to road cycling, allowing you to immerse yourself in Aberdeenshire’s picturesque landscape.

Royal Deeside: A Haven for Aberdeen Cyclists

Nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire, Royal Deeside is a must-visit destination for any cycling enthusiast. With a variety of routes available, including challenging bike climbs and leisurely paths, Royal Deeside caters to all cyclists. The region’s stunning scenery, encompassing lush forests, rolling hills, and sparkling rivers, makes for a truly memorable cycling experience.

Cycling-Friendly Cafes in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Whether embarking on a leisurely ride or tackling a gruelling ascent, a well-deserved break at a cycling-friendly cafe is always welcome. Aberdeen City and the surrounding Aberdeenshire offer many cycling-friendly restaurants, providing cyclists with the perfect opportunity to refuel, relax, and socialise with fellow riders. You’re never far away from a welcoming café.

Aberdeen Cycling Events and Races

Aberdeen boasts a vibrant cycling community, with numerous cycling events and races throughout the year. These events cater to various skill levels, from casual cyclists to competitive racers. Participating in these events provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, improve your cycling skills, and explore the city and surrounding Aberdeenshire.

Annual Cycling Events in Aberdeen

Some of the most popular annual cycling events in Aberdeen include:

  1. The Tour Series: A criterium race held in Aberdeen city centre, attracting professional teams and showcasing high-speed racing in the heart of the Granite City.
  2. Etape Royale: A closed-road sportive event that takes riders through the stunning Royal Deeside and Cairngorms National Park, offering challenging and leisurely route options.
  3. The Great Aberdeen Bike Ride: A family-friendly event with various distances, catering to all ages and abilities and encouraging participants to explore Aberdeen’s scenic coastal routes.

In Conclusion: Embrace the Cycling Aberdeen Experience

Aberdeen City and the surrounding Aberdeenshire offer many cycling opportunities, from leisurely rides along dedicated bike paths to challenging ascents in the picturesque countryside. With an ever-growing commitment to sustainable transport and active travel, Aberdeen is continually developing its walking and cycling infrastructure, making it an increasingly appealing destination for cyclists of all abilities.

Whether you are a casual rider, a dedicated road racer, or simply looking to explore the city on two wheels, there has never been a better time to embrace the cycling Aberdeen experience. So, dust off your bicycle, grab your helmet, and discover the wonders of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire from the saddle!